Hamlet in English – 2013 november

November 21-én 50 diák és tanár megnézte a Hamlet című darabot angol nyelven a londoni National Theatre előadásában az Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház HD közvetítések sorozatában.

On 21st November 50 students and teachers visited Urania Movie Theatre to see London National Theatre performance Hamlet in English.

Some of our opinions:
„I thoroughly enjoyed the play, and I understood Shakespearean English surprisingly well.”
„I especially liked the acting of the actors who played Hamlet and Polonius.”
„I loved the first part, but I think the second part was a bit too long.” (4 hours!)
„ I found the directing quite interesting, although I am not sure the modern costumes were adequate.”
„There were scenes with modern prompts that made me laugh. They were great.”

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A hozzászólások le vannak tiltva.